What can we do for you?

As a valuable member of Friends of ONEDGE you will get the following  benefits:

1. A free pair of leggings to wear and share the ONEDGE joy! Free postage included.
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2. Your own unlimited personal-use discount code for 30% off site-wide!
You will receive your unique code with your free pair of leggings (postage also free!).
- Use for your own purchases anytime (no commission bonus earned while using your personal discount).
- The 30% discount code is linked to your home address only!

3. Unique ‘20% Off’ discount code to share with your friends and followers.  And as a thank you from us to you, two additional goodies!...

Bonus 1.  Receive 10% commission from ALL sales (paid for every 5 sales made using your unique follower's '20% Off' discount code)*

Bonus 2.  A FREE ONEDGE LEGGINGS voucher for your own use (awarded for every 10 sales made using your follower's '20% Off' discount code).  Just pay for postage.

4. You're in the Friends team!  We'll keep you up to date on the latest projects that we're working on at ONEDGE HQ and look to you for advice and feedback on our leggings, social media campaigns and more.  Plus, you've got our ear, so reach out with any thoughts or ideas and we'll be delighted to listen.

*Note: sales will qualify for a commission payment 30 days after a sale.  Commission payments are processed for every 5 sales made using your unique follower's '20% off' discount code.  Refunded items do not qualify for commission payments.