We believe in no harm to nature

At ONEDGE we are doing our best to help minimise our environmental impact through our product lifecycle and packaging.  This is a big part of what we do as we continually search for new options to make our company more eco-friendly.

We have spent months looking through all of the alternatives to petroleum-based polythene packaging and we have researched a number of 'green’ solutions on the market, also used by other environmentally conscious brands.

Here's what we learned:

To bring the greenest credentials to the table, some use ‘biodegradable' (compostable) plastic packaging. However, these materials can’t be recycled and simply degrade into micro-pieces of plastic and produce harmful greenhouse emissions when left to decompose in landfill (often inside plastic bags!).
What not many people know is that the process of decomposition requires very specific industrial conditions to break-down biodegradable plastic materials which, left naturally, still take a long time to dissolve and can still be harmful to the environment. Currently, there is no efficient system in place to recycle such materials in the UK.

We believe that we have made a better choice

We are proud to say that all our packaging is environmentally friendly and made from 100% plant-based materials.

Our packaging is produced from waste agriculture by-product of sugar cane that is grown on reclaimed wasteland, having no impact on woodland or forestry.
Sugar cane is a bio-based material and is a naturally grown raw material.

What makes the packaging carbon neutral?

The carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport.
Along with the benefit of capturing CO from the atmosphere, sugar canes properties enable it to produce ethanol via a fermentation process, which involves crushing the stalks to extract sugar-rich cane juice beforehand. Therefore, fossil fuel-based polythene is not required! This prevents emissions from going into the environment.

Using the greenest material on the market rather than oil in the process of photosynthesis makes it ‘GREEN’ by its very nature and due to it being produced from 75% renewable resources and 100% recyclable material, it can be fed back into the recycling stream with no hidden harm.

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% plant-based materials
  • Produced from by-product of sugar cane
  • Fully recyclable
  • Carbon neutral

We minimise the amount of packaging and only use environmentally friendly materials as a solution to an ethically difficult challenge for us.  We make sure that all our parcels are prepared with care and that we don’t contribute to plastic pollution (labels included!).

    What to expect when you receive your ONEDGE delivery

    You will receive your items packaged in 100% plant-based mailing bags including wood-free (no trees) postal labels.  Both are made from sugar cane fibre by-product without harming nature!

    To protect products while on their way to you, we don't use any secondary plastic bags.  Instead, we use recycled and fully recyclable tissue paper, and where we need to secure the packaging, we use recycled and fully recyclable stickers.

    We are continually researching the market for innovative eco-friendly options to deliver our leggings in the best possible environmentally friendly way.  The answer isn't always the obvious one, but we're looking.