ONEDGE began back in 2019 with a simple mission: To make beautiful and technical activewear that empowers, inspires and provides exceptional comfort, not only for athletic bodies, but for all women.

“My aim is to show women that feeling beautiful is the key to feeling good!”

Jana, Founder and Creative Director

We focus on the flattering elements together with the garment’s functionality to make every woman’s body look good.
By developing the best fits, fabrics and engineered seams, ONEDGE leggings will help you to reach your fitness goals without holding you back.

“All our leggings have been rigorously tested through repeated wearing and washing”

Petra, Quality Control


The driving force behind everything we do is continually researching and selecting innovative fabric technology that helps make women’s lives better.  Our leggings are designed to be as comfortable to wear and as long-lasting as they possibly can be.

Our latest innovation - ZERO G-FORCE Leggings

ZERO-G are more than just leggings - they are silky smooth, lightweight, yet extremely durable, designed to fit you like a second-skin with a flattering contour feature.



“Maybe there is no such thing as perfect, but if softness, comfort and great durability is an indicator, then we believe we have come close."

Fabio, Fabric Technologist

The comfort comes from our reverse-engineered fabrics combining gentle, soft-touch lightweight fabrics with improved strength, durability and elasticity, offering you long-lasting comfort throughout your day or for any activity.

The exceptionally soft, moisture absorbing and highly breathable properties of ONEDGE leggings allows them to become like a second skin, supporting your body’s natural ability to thermo-regulate.


      • Staying cool during physical activity and warm when temperatures drop
      • Excellent elastic properties allow ONEDGE leggings to stay in place all day long whilst not being too tight or too stretched
      • Engineered with seams and contours for durability, comfort and to enhance your natural body shape


Although, we focus on the technology behind the fabrics and the construction, we also believe in the importance of designs that will capture your imagination.

We aim to focus on the designs that YOU will love, giving them a unique and rebellious edge, with durability that will last you for a while. 


We are working hard towards becoming a fully eco-sustainable company. Our team are always on the lookout for new options on how to deliver fashion that is harmless to nature.  This has become an important part of our day to day existence and a big part of what we do.  We've started with fully recyclable plant-based packaging. See our sustainability approach

We are very excited to welcome you on our journey