Repetitive, abrasive washing can cause damage to the fabrics that most activewear is made from.  We want you to have a happy and long relationship with your ONEDGE leggings.  Here's our care advice: 

Hand-washing your leggings with detergent is preferable and will help prevent ‘pilling’ as it is more gentle on the fabric.  You can use the 'handwash' setting on your washing machine.
Washing your leggings inside-out on a gentle program (ideally 'handwash') will also help to protect colour bleed and prevent external pilling.

Avoid using fabric softener as most fabric softeners contain silicone, which can block the tiny pores in the fabric and diminish moisture-wicking abilities.

Avoid tumble-drying.
The natural properties of your leggings material will allow them to dry quickly if left out to air after washing.

Use a gentle spin cycle.  We highly recommend using a gentle spin cycle at 800rpm or below.

We suggest following the care instructions given on the label on your garments:

Zero G-Force Leggings 

Energy-Boost and Bum-Sculpting Patterned Leggings 

Your activewear is designed to last, but taking care of it will make it last longer